Thursday, December 10, 2009

End of Rainbow - Shandy Sondoro

Sandhy Sondoro, was born on the island of Java, Indonesia. Came from a musical family, where the house provide the likes of American pop, folk, Jazz and blues tunes coming from his Mother’s or father’s guitar everyday. Those were the joy that shaped his talents . It is not traditional Indonesian music that influenced him but rather soul and blues.

Congratulation to Sandhy Sondoro, this song "End of the rainbow" was chosen as one of the best song 2009 in Russia.

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Live On TV One Indonesia

Comic Style Colouring (ebook)

As if the world needs another article about colouring with Photoshop. Well, each
to his/her own. There are many ways to use Photoshop and the techniques that
float my boat may differ from the next artist. Anyway, if you think I'm wasting your
time, move along and go read something more useful, like fair use or how to
choose the right pencil. For the rest of you, on with the show.

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The Complete Tutorial on How to Build a 100% Flash Site

To build a flash site you first have to break down into pieces a regular site.
A. Interface, Navigation Menu, Any way you want to call it -> buttons that take you
from place to place.
B. Text, Information, Content!!!
C. Animation!! <-This is mostly in flash sites.

Those are the three elements you will incorporate in your flash site. How do you do all
this using flash? Well that's what I'm here for. In flash you have Scenes, Frames, And
Movie Clips. All of them are built upon a timeline. Now how do we create a site using a
timeline. As you may know when you surf the web and visit sites It's interactive not like
a movie so the timeline is a strange environment for a web site but as you may have works!
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Tutorial: Working with layout (ebook)

This tutorial introduces the layout and organization tools in CorelDRAW. These tools are essential for any kind of
project, whether it is an advertisement, newsletter, logo, poster, or any kind of artwork. Guided by your sense of
layout and design, you can use guidelines, preset alignments, and absolute values to organize text and images
for optimum results.
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